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Fire, family and fairness!
To connect humankind through the emotion and experience of fire inspires our every move. As a third-generation, privately-held family business, our 190 employees carry the torch of founder Waldemar Rokossa by continually innovating and developing timeless, high quality gas and wood fireplace appliances.

“Our motivation is clear – fire connects – it always has and it always will.”

Made for you
Since 2001, manufacturing combustion technology to the highest quality standards has shared equal footing with an industry-leading position on the social, safety and environmental standards our customers have grown to expect.

Colin Rokossa Head of Sales
Gary K. Lindberg Sales Manager USA

Our products

Form and function
Meeting the diverse living space needs of our customers is a top priority at Camina & Schmid Inc. Our vision is to connect people through the experience of fire, adapting our fireplace products to each and every unique spatial situation. Every room offers different requirements in terms of form and function. Our products meet that challenge, delivering warmth and security while helping turn a house into a home.

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Brennergruppe 1 + Glutbett - Stufe 1
Color scale button for demonstration purposes only. All fireplace functions and color scale included in the Fire Connects App.

Lina G 30-24
Fire comforts – The square-shaped design of the two Lina fireplaces is rooted in classic fireplace style. Its compact size offers a generously-filled firebox that invites you to linger in front of the natural flame. The Lina G 30-24 offers the smallest fireplace footprint of our range.

“After work, I love to come home to a lit fire and talk about the day’s events. The fire is the hearth of our home – it offers a sense of place, and brings us closer together.”

"Innovative technology for young and old."

Try out the flame simulator ̬

Brenner 1 Höhe 1

Lina G 36-28
Comfort in its purest form – An evening in front of the fireplace. Crackling embers and a cozy atmosphere – a large visible fire warms our home and our hearts. The large frameless glass and elevated hearth of the Lina G 36-28 will intensify your time in front of the fire.

“The world is ever-changing, but as long as we can sit by the fire, we will always be together. The aesthetics of the flame display and effect of the glowing coal bed mesmerizes us for hours on end.”

“The world may change, but the fire remains.”

Lina G 60-19
Fire our way – Modern meets traditional. We frame the traditional element of fire in a modern format, with an eye on maximizing the impressive flame within a reduced firebox. Architecture and fire are here in perfect symbiosis, as room design walks hand-in-hand with the fire to a place where the soul comes to calm down and relax.

“When the days are getting shorter and the cold season nears, we all need rest and warmth. It’s the ideal time to focus on oneself, to recharge the body in harmony with nature and turn on the fire to relax your soul.”

"Warmth is a state of being."

Ekko G L 60/14-19
Drawing us together – The L-shaped corner models give the fire more dimension, more connection, opening the view to intimate spaces.

“In the coziest of ways, the fire transforms the gathering into an intimate, warm and inviting atmosphere. Spending the evening in front of the fireplace with friends, losing all track of time.”

“In the moment... with my friends and family.”

Ekko G R 60/14-19
Safe and sound – Safety for all is not just a goal, but a matter of course at Camina & Schmid Inc.

“The feeling of comfort in warmth, health and safety is something every grandparent wants; a safe place for their little ones to play and experience joy.”

“Safety, for those dearest to our hearts.”

Ekko G U 60/14-19
Nature’s aesthetic gift – Fire fills the large three-sided viewing area and frames the open room. Warmth and light radiate comfort to all that gather around it.

“The Ekko G U 60/14-19 fireplace by Camina & Schmid Inc. with a design aesthetic of wood, glass and steel, breathes cosmopolitan appeal into the living space.”

"Combines aesthetics, form and function."

Fire connects

Control your Camina & Schmid Inc. gas fireplace from your smart phone or tablet with the Fire Connects App, and sit back. The app offers standard settings such as switching the fireplace on and off, to advanced settings like individualized flame display. Not only are you in control of safety and comfort, but with setting options in ECO mode you are able to fully program your personalized dynamic flame display.

“There is even an option to create user profiles. The app makes it possible for every family member to enjoy the fireplace in their own individualized way. To protect from curious little hands, the app even features a child lock option. Safety is of paramount importance in everything that Camina & Schmid Inc. does.”

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